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Customer Reviews!

“I was given the Body BouTEAque sereniTEA bath bar as a gift and decided to build a blissful event around my first encounter with the product. So I ran a nice warm bath, lit a few scented candles and placed them around the bathroom, turned on the boom box and put some Chopin Sonatas on. I then turned out the lights, got in the tub and opened my sereniTEA bath bar. OMG, it was like a mind altering, out of body experience! I thought I had died and went to heaven. THANK YOU BODY BOUTEAQUE!!!!”

David in Columbia, MO


“I was very impressed with the body scrub. It left my skin feeling soft and fresh. The lemon scent was not overbearing at all. This is the ONLY PRODUCT that can make this hard Texas water bead up on my skin! I love it!”

Catrecia in Houston, TX



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